January 2024, Data Privacy Week graphic


From January 22 to 28, 2024, the Data Protection and Privacy Office will launch the Data Privacy Week to raise awareness of Data Subject rights and obligations of Data Controllers, and Data Processors.

The privacy week will also include data protection trainings and the sharing of social media content related to frequently asked questions about the law.


  • Raise awareness of the Rights of Data Subjects and data protection best practices
  • Build compliance capacity of Data Controllers and Data Processors
  • Distribute supporting resources to Data Controllers and Data Processors


Date Activity Partner Topic
Jan 23, 2024 Online training Mastercard The Heartbeat of Privacy: Key concepts, principles and grounds of processing
Jan 24, 2024 Online training Covington An overview of Rwanda’s Data Protection and Privacy Law
Jan 25, 2024 Awareness Campaign RISA Data Protection and Privacy for Eastern Province local government officials
Jan 26, 2024 Online training Tamar Kaldani
(Senior Data Protection Expert)
The Role and Responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer

You can follow Data Privacy Week through the hashtag #PrivacyWeekRwanda on our social media platforms: